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Cookie Privacy Policy

Aln use cookies to improve user interactivity throughout the website. We do not store any personal information or any material related to targeted advertisements. We use a cookie to remember that a user has logged in and we use a service called Google Analytics to measure anonymous user activity on our pages, so we can improve our content and create a better user experience. For more information on cookies please read below.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file that a website will put on your hard disk when you visit it. They act as a reminder to the website that you have been there before and can be used to make the website more functional and user friendly (ie. a shopping cart remembering the items you added as you progress to the checkout phase). They do not usually contain any personal information and act more as a reminder to the website. There are two main identifiable types of cookies which websites use. These are:

Session Cookies

Session cookies are cookies that are created to make navigating through a website easier during a certain session, and they are then automatically deleted by your internet browser when you close it. Without session cookies a website wouldn't be able to remember if you had logged in on the previous page and you would be asked to re-authenticate again. This is because if the cookie doesn't exist, you are treated like a new visitor each time.

Persistent Cookies

Persistent cookies are cookies that are stored on the users hard drive for a longer period of time. They expire based upon how long the website has them set to last. These are commonly used to remember user preferences such as a language selection or if a user ticks "Remember Me" on a login form. Aln use a persistent cookie to remember if a user was logged in before they last closed their browser, however if the user logs out the cookie is destroyed. All major internet browsers give you the option to remove persistent cookies and a user can specify which cookies they would like to allow or deny in the browser settings.

Cookies we use

  • has_js - A temporary cookie created by Drupal to detect if a user has Javascript enabled. This cookie is removed when a user closes their browser.
  • romcookieyes - A cookie used to remember if a user closed our cookie prompt on the top of our pages. Once closed it will not appear again for 180 days or until the user deletes the cookie in their internet browser
  • SESS9e9ce2dac28b89ebb2ec59b30f826c9e - A persistent cookie that is created when a user logs into the website. The cookie expires after approximately 28 days and is removed when a user logs out of the website.

First Party Cookies

Aln use Google Analytics to collect anonymous data based on what pages of the website users visit. This allows us to collect this information and tailor our user environment towards our users. Google Analytics sets first party cookies on your system which are persistent. No personal information is collected in this data. To read more about the cookies Google Analytics uses, please click here.