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Record, Store and Playback telephone calls with ease!



What if every call you ever make and receive is available for playback with a few clicks of your mouse.

Imagine how helpful it would be to remind yourself of what your client said during the phone call you had two weeks ago.

What if, when trying to resolve a client dispute relating to a telephone call, you could locate and replay the whole conversation in a matter of seconds.

Recall does all this for you! Every phone call made and received can be automatically matched and stored against your client and supplier database or CRM system for future reference. No more searching through a list of calls trying to pinpoint a recording, it’s right there in front of you – at your fingertips!

Recall works with a number of industry standard Customer Relationship Management suites. It also integrates into most bespoke systems on the market! Recall can also assist with monitoring and training.

The product allows you to locate and play calls based on search criteria you specify, so you can monitor your staff and use this to improve customer service levels, business productivity, client retention and profitability.

To find out more about Recall, call us today on 0870 702 1111 where one of our product specialists can discuss how Rombus Recall can help your business!