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Rombus OBM

Sleep with ease knowing your data is safe and sound


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Online Backup from Aln offers peace of mind at affordable prices

Could you afford to loose a week of work? How would you manage if you were hit by a flood, or if your buildings went up in flames? With Rombus Online Backup Management provided by Aln Technology, you can rest assured that no matter what happens, your information and the hub of your business is safe and you won’t have to miss a day.

Everyone in business knows that it is wise to backup your computer system regularly. Some people do and some wisely store their backup in premises away from their office for added security. Others simply never get round to backing up their system. Which one are you?

Without 100% reliable backup, your business is vulnerable in the event of fire, flood, virus, theft, power cut etc. It is very easy to forget to backup your data on a daily basis, you may not even get back to the office at the end of a busy day of seeing customers and the risks to your business remain. The most up to the minute, affordable and reliable way to backup your data is with online backup from Rombus.

Rombus Online Backup Management saves and stores your data in a secure hosting farm which only you or those authorized by you, can access. There is no need for tape backup software, nor is there any need manually perform a backup, because this is scheduled and automatically runs every day - there is no need to worry any longer about your data - You will also save yourself time and money alongside protecting your business.


  • Protection - Your data kept within the retention policy is backed up onto high availability servers so your data held in our server farm will never be lost.
  • Secure Data Protection - Passwords, 256 bit encryption and the option for secure SSL. Your data is protected during transfer to our server farm.
  • Databases support - The OBM client we offer supports Microsoft Exchange Server mail-level backup, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Sharepoint, Oracle, MySQL and Lotus Domino notes.
  • Additional protection - Have your own backup servers or off site backup? Replicate data to another location giving you an even better piece of mind that your data is sage.
  • Manage your own Backups - Select what you want backed up, and when you want your backup to run using the OBM interface. Create different backup sets and install the client on multiple machines to ensure your system is protected.
  • Fast Backup Speed - Using in-File Delta technology, once the original file has been backed up, after only the changes within the file are required meaning large files are easily backed up quickly.
  • Backup Reporting and Notifications - View backup and restore logs for every event once the software is installed. Rombus OBM can send email notifications for backup status after a scheduled backup. The end user will know if their backup was successful, with errors or warnings. Administrator reports can also be generated along with log files.
  • Support - Rombus can support end users and manage backups using the web access. Rombus can also offer training for technical users and reseller options.

OBM vs Tape

OBM vs Tape

You can protect your business for less than an average home digital TV package!

A small or medium sized company can have all of its data safely and securely backed-up for as little as £30 per month for 30Gb of space. Add another server or workstation for only £7 per month. As your business grows you can add extra 30Gb blocks for only £10 per month.

Get started today! Setting up your Online backup couldn’t be easier. Simply call 0870 702 1111 and we will guide you through the process or request a free 30 day trial from the link above!