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Save power usage, money and office space with our virtualisation solution!

Why Choose virtualisation?

Most applications are recommended to have their own dedicated server, for instance you may need a separate mail server to your file server. This can lead to high capital costs even for smaller businesses, and lead to common problems such as:

  • High energy bills due to multiple underutilised physical servers.
  • Lack of room and a noisy environment.
  • Environmentally unfriendly.
  • High hardware maintenance contracts just to run a single legacy application.
  • Hard Disk Expansion

But with virtualisation this is no longer an issue.

The Virtualisation Solution

Virtualisation technology allows the consolidation of your servers and the efficient use of compatible hardware to run all your machines as virtual servers on a specialised bare metal hypervisor.

You can convert your physical machines into virtual servers and load them onto the new server, then use virtualisation to design your business continuity solution. With virtualisation you get advanced backup features, and the ability to use snapshot technology to take a picture of a live running server, make changes to the operating system to test your changes, and put it back exactly the same if you want to.

With our Virtualisation solution you can expand your hard disk without any downtime while your server is still running, causing no disruption for a seamless transition.

At Aln we use VMware to efficiently manage resources for the virtual servers hosted on the physical server. VMware is tailor made for virtualisation and designed for production environments.

We can host different operating systems on the same physical host. Our virtual servers can be migrated onto any piece of hardware with ease, meaning no more blue screens when upgrading servers!

Memory and CPU resources can be re-allocated with a touch of the button. If a virtual server needs more memory it can be easily assigned and in some cases while the virtual machine is still running. It’s even possible to assign more memory to virtual machines than what exists in the physical server.

At Aln we aim to provide you with the most secure way of storing your data, with Virtualisation you get automated backup and you can schedule daily backups, and the ability to do full incremental backups that can take less than 5 minutes.